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USB Snake Scope, PixArt PAC7302 Software Update

USB Super Snake Scope, PixArt PAP7501 Software Update

USB\VID_093A\PID_2620 Driver

USB\VID_093A\PID_2900 Driver

Snake Scope Windows 8 Driver

Super Snake Scope Windows 8 Driver

Last Update: 30-Jan-2015

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USB Endoscope | Borescope Camera products based on the PixArt PAC7302 device looks like this

Endoscope hardware OEM package

and may have the name

These cameras have one button on the handle.

If your camera looks like this but has two buttons on the handle, the camera is based on the PixArt PAP7501 device. It might be called a Super Telescope Camera.

Please note that these drivers are for Intel and AMD architecture versions of Windows 8.

They are not compatible with Windows 8/RT Tablet devices with the ARM cpu.   

How to get the software update


Perhaps you, as we did, found that while the driver installs and works for XP/Vista/Win7, the application software that comes with it is unimpressive, with irritations such as

The updated software replaces and extends the AmCap video capture application that runs when you click the camera button. The PAC7302 USB driver software has a new installer that works correctly.

Looking for the original driver for a PAC7302 or PAP7501 ?

How to tell if this software will work for your USB Snake Scope or Super Snake Scope camera.

The simplest way is to run the application capture program. If the Status bar shows "Telescope Driver" or "GUCI_AVS" then the software update will likely work for you.

Look for a C:\Windows\PixArt\PAC7302 or C:\Windows\PixArt\PAP7501 directory

You can also run the Device Manager with the camera attatched.

The camera appears in the Imaging Devices class, and is called Telescope Driver, as shown above. The Super Snake Scope appears as something like GUCI_AVS or USB2.0. 

What do you get in the software update?











and most importantly

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How to get the software update

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Something this update cannot fix...

If you are using a Notebook class PC with an Atom N270 cpu running Windows XP (e.g. a Dell Mini 10), you may find that selecting the Endoscope causes an immediate Blue Screen of Death crash in ks.sys. This is not the fault of the endoscope driver, as it happens with any secondary video device, and appears to be a problem with the Intel N270 cpu support libraries in the Windows kernel. The crash does not occur on Atom N550 cpu Notebooks. The only known fixes are either an upgrade to Windows 7, or trying another PC.

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