About PiXCL™ Automation Technologies

PiXCL™ was founded by Stewart Dibbs and Richard Tomkins in 2011.

We have been developing Embedded Systems based on ARM MCUs, creating Windows software and learning about new technologies.

Many of the tools and technologies that we use are Open Source

Our Team

Stewart Dibbs

Computer Scientist

Stewart has an extensive background in Windows and Embedded Systems programming. He has worked with Multi-spectral Image Processing, Calibrated Photonics Measurement Systems, Compiler Development, and most of the Microsoft technology families. His work in embedded systems has involved developing USB drivers for composite devices, Bluetooth, SD Card, Flash Memory, ADC and DAC.

Richard Tomkins


Richard has a rich background in Electronics Manufacturing and Customer Support. He has worked in Telephony, Satellite Image Processing, Computer Manufacturing, Aerospace Test Systems, Systems Design, Process Design and Product Design. Richard was involved in bringing many pivotal DEC computer systems to market and was involved in qualifying the VMS OS on numerous VAX and Alpha systems prior to production.