Application Notes

These pages provide detailed discussions of specific applications using PiXCL products. Some are ideas we worked on as the Decaf boards were developed, while others are ideas or projects sent in by users.

You can download the latest 9MB PiXCL 11 help file and look at what PiXCL can do.  Please note that for security reasons, Windows blocks downloaded CHM content display: you will need to use File Explorer–>Properties to unblock it.

Getting started with Decaf boards.

Decaf boards with Phidgets sensors.

Using PiXCL Relay boards.

PiXCL 11 and the Latte Panda.


Do you have an application or project you’d like to share with other users? The best way is to join the User Forums and post your project details. Photos of your set up are highly appreciated.

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