Decaf IOC-1sp Sensor Platform

Last Update: Feb 24, 2018 @ 09:24 :Preliminary information subject to change.

Want to build your own USB Sensors? The IOC-1sp Sensor Platform is ideal for this, as it is a USB Human Interface Device and so does not require custom device drivers or special libraries. This means that your custom sensor will be quickly usable in your project.


Product Description

Decaf IOC-1sp controller board (72MHz) with firmware already installed, plus USB cable. We offer a Sensor Prototyping Kit, consisting of

  • Decaf IOC-1sp Prototype board which plugs directly on to the controller, and provides breadboard space to fit your own sensor or sensors and components. See below for more details.
  • PiXCL 11 for app creation (Windows 7 and later).

The controller board firmware provides the prototype board with support for:

  • 6 digital outputs (active H)
  • 3 digital controller outputs (active L)
  • 6 digital inputs (active H)
  • 3 analog inputs (0-3v3)
  • 1 digital frequency input
  • an RGB LED intended as an indicator of sensor prototype operation.
  • Real Time Clock e.g. for time stamping data events.

These controls are usually enough to get a simple sensor running. Sensors can be powered by 5V or 3V3, while the microcontroller runs on 3V3, derived on-board from the USB 5V supply.

Product Package includes

  • fully assembled and tested cpu and I/O board
  • USB cable

Resources (download from Support Pages)

  • PiXCL 11 ISC development kit and app builder
  • Firmware upgrades and loader utilities

We also offer a custom sensor development service. This can be as simple or as complex as

  • designing a full custom sensor pcb
  • arranging manufacture.
  • updating the firmware to add sensor specific support.

Contact us  today with your requirements, and we’ll see what we can do. Our rates are affordable.

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