Decaf NHC-5a (Android)

Last Update: Feb 24, 2018 @ 09:27 : Preliminary information subject to change.

April 2016: Preliminary Information subject to change

The Network Host Controller (NHC-5a) is an industrial-grade Android tablet with 10/100/1000 Ethernet or Wifi networking. PiXCL utility and device library software is factory-installed. Decaf boards can be connected via the available USB2 ports, to provide the local control and sensing components.

Software support includes the Decaf HID command set for digital and analog I/O and LCD user interface design.

Commands and data can be transmitted or received via a web application or via an app running on a connected host PC.

The NHC-5a can also act, with suitable local app, a data concentrator.

Hardware Support

The NHC-5a has four USB2 type-A ports where any Decaf board can be connected. Powered hubs can be used to connect more boards as needed. A Decaf LCD board can also provide its own local sensor/control user interface, using commands sent from a hosting Android app.

Please note that Decaf boards do not appear as Android Accessory devices.

External Wifi and keyboard if fitted each require a USB port.

A USB OTG port is used to connect to a host PC. Windows 10 will list accessible directories e.g. images and screenshots via this port.