IoT Glossary

Internet of Things (IoT) Glossary

IoT terms and jargon are increasing every day. Here we’ll try to make some sense of a few of them.


A general term for a device that’s triggered by some action initiated by a sensor. For example, room lights turned on by detection of movement or infrared object. Also often referred as a control, and always contains some electronics and a power supply.


A device that measures a physical (i.e. analog) parameter (e.g. temperature, pressure, humidity, visible light level, light wavelength, liquid flow rate) or digital logic value (switch on/off). The sensor may include a microcontroller that controls the sensing frequency, data packaging and transfer timings.


An Apple wireless (Wi-Fi) protocol that enables audio and video streaming between two compatible devices. Only works with AirPlay-enabled (i.e. Apple) devices.


A Smart-Home device ecosystem from Belkin.

Bluetooth LE

Bluetooth Low Energy is a wireless protocol useful in connecting wireless devices in the same room, i.e. short range. It requires very little power to function.


The Digital Living Network Alliance, established by Sony and Intel, ensures that compatible wireless devices can recognize each other and share data streams over Wi-Fi.


A contraction or portmanteau of domus (Latin: home) and robotics , meaning home automation.

IP Camera

An internet protocol camera that sits on your home or office network, and can hence be accessed remotely from a web browser and apps on Smart Phones. These have been around for years and are routinely used for remote security and traffic monitoring.  Home networks can and do use IPv4 devices, but these will gradually be upgraded to IPv6.

… and last, the Universal Remote Control

A programmable consumer-desired device that (the manufacturer…) thinks it can replace all your other remote controls. It never can. A related consumer desire, also never to be fulfilled, is the One-Button Remote that senses what you are thinking, regardless of how arcane or obscure, and does it.