PiXCL 11 Imaging and Sensor Control Suite

Last Update: May 28, 2018 @ 15:32


PiXCL 11 ISC is the current commercial release of the PiXCL language with over 1000 command keywords to build your apps, and is available now. It includes everything from PiXCL 10 plus comprehensive additional support for …

  • PiXCLe Decaf smart USB devices digital and analog sensors and controls, LCD graphics and touch (around 100 commands)
  • USB video camera support (DirectShow and Media Foundation command sets) to create video windows, capture single frames and video sequences.
  • video command and control set for Endoscope-1, -2 and -3 models.
  • commands to import native mode high resolution images from Nikon, Canon, Sony and other cameras.
  • command and control set for Phidgets USB devices and sensors.
  • QR Code image encode and decode commands
  • Animated GIF creation.

Included in all versions of PiXCL is the …

  • interpreter to test your app code immediately.
  • compiler to build a distributable EXE file.
  • debugger DLL using code break points.
  • extension command API (Open Source example provided).

PiXCL 11 is included with all Decaf LCD and I/O board sets, and can also be purchased separately.

Read the latest 8MB PiXCL 11 help file to review the capabilities of PiXCL and the Decaf commands. Please note that for security reasons, Windows blocks downloaded CHM content display: you will need to use File Explorer–>Properties to unblock it.

More information coming soon …

Community Version : PiXCL 10 AIS