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USB Smart Sensor / Control / Display Platform for IoT

Gatineau, Quebec, 16-June-2017 – PiXCL Automation Technologies Inc. today launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for their Decaf series of USB Smart Sensor / Control / Display modules for Internet of Things physical measurements.

The modules offer digital and analog I/O, and 3.5”, 5” and 7” touch LCDs controlled by an ARM Cortex mcu.

Decaf modules are USB Human Interface Devices (HIDs) and are controlled by the included PiXCL app builder tools, or C++/C# apps using PiXCL libraries.

Stewart Dibbs, CEO and Founder of PiXCL, said, “Decaf modules were born of the desire to handle physical measurement  I/O and touch display content at the app level, rather than in the firmware.  This allows the user to focus on what matters most: the measurements and user interface. Windows is fully supported today, and Raspberry Pi and Android support will follow.”

Decaf boards are priced from $52 to $180 during  the campaign and are scheduled for shipment in Q3 2017.

The PiXCL Kickstarter campaign can be accessed via


Contact: Stewart DIBBS      819-246-7792