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Last update : 14-Jan-2016

This latest firmware demo implements a simple server app on the Decaf-2 board, and serves a page to a browser over a 10Net TCP/IP link, while maintaining a USB link to the host PC.

As coded, the firmware sets the net address to

See a video...

The Decaf-2 server app responds with the Usage string. There is no actual password required in the current demo app.

The image below shows what appears once the browser connects with the server. In a local area network with IP address 192.168.1.*, any number of browsers on separate devices can access the Decaf-2 Demo server.

The server page is a simple form that details the Decaf-2 board, and asks for a number to test the on-board LEDs.

LED # Response:

1, 2 or 3 turns on LED1, LED2 or LED3 only, 4 turns on all LEDs, 0 turns all LEDs off.The server updates the page and sends the new HTML stream to the browser.

Above, LEDs turned on from the browser, and the command echoed to the LCD.

Above, LCD test pattern Colorbars displayed on instruction from the browser page.

  causes the server page to be reloaded.

         clears the LED # selection if present. It does not turn off any LEDs.

Clicking on the link to the PiXCL website or the FaceBook pages opens a new browser window.



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