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Last update : 17-May-2015

This firmware demo implements a USB composite dual HID using the board microSD card, with the LCD displaying the details. The Decaf-1 hardware limits the USB transfer rate to Full Speed (12Mbps) which is quite adequate for the HID command communications.

USB VendorID / ProductID

Decaf-1 : 0xFACE / 0xDD11

Decaf-2 : 0xFACE / 0xDD21

On a Windows host:

The device is identified as two HID Compliant Devices, each with a USB Input Device, with Properties name "Decaf-1 HID#0" and "Decaf-1 HID#1".

From a program control perspective, this is two distinct devices with separate access pointers. As implemented, HID#0 has the same graphics and I/O command set as the HID Graphics Demo, while HID#1 has about five commands to test operation. The intent of a composite HID can be to separate the graphics from I/O operations. There's no reason that a third device, such as touchscreen control and events could not be added.

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