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Last update : 13-May-2015

This firmware demo implements a USB Mass Storage Device (MSD) using the board microSD card, with the 320x240 LCD displaying the details. The Decaf-1 hardware limits the USB transfer rate to Full Speed (12Mbps).

MicroSD cards of 2, 4, 8 or 16 GB are automatically supported and the identified card capacity is displayed. Note that the actual capacity of SD cards are approximate, so for example, a 16GB SD card is actually 14.9GB.

See a video...

If a terminal app is connected to the board COM port, details of the MSD activities are displayed.

USB VendorID / ProductID

Decaf-1 : 0xFACE / 0xDE11

Decaf-2 : 0xFACE / 0xDE12

On a Windows host:

The device is identified as "PiXCL SD Flash Disk USB Device" hardware. The Device Manager lists the following two devices:

In Explorer, as "Removable Disk (H:)" on our development system.

The volume name can be set as needed. Functionally the board is identical to a memory stick device.

On a Linux host:

The board appears as "media" device, and can be mounted and ejected in the usual Linux fashion for disk volumes.

The above Properties image was acquired after some 5.7MB of files was copied to the micro SD card.

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