Last Update: 03 May 2023

My development lab is located in Quebec, Canada. The primary focus is now finding ways to reduce my energy consumption and carbon footprint. Where relevent I intend to use my hardware, firmware and related software for Windows and Linux variants. Starting September 2022, this web site will gradually evolve to show what is possible with a limited budget using available current technology. Integration with Google Home and similar is possible, details and limitations to be investigated. Canadian and Quebec government grant programs are used and discussed.

My preferred initial contact is through the Email Contact below.

In an effort to reduce telemarketing spam, when necessary, you will be provided with a telephone number.

I welcome all email contacts from persons seeking more information about my software and hardware projects. The Email Contacts will produce a specific subject line in your default email client. Please leave this subject unchanged, as there are email filters in place to strip out spam messages.

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PiXCL Automation Tech Notes does not engage in spam emailing, malware distribution or any antisocial or illegal activities that alienate readers.

Disclaimer: the spam and malware “industry” has trolled my site (and everyone else’s too) and harvested email addresses. You may well get spam messages from the email addresses above. I even get these messages. They are NOT from me.

I am also aware of spam emails purporting to be from PiXCL about overdue invoices, other account problems, corporate fax messages and UPS/Fedex/USPS shipping issues that include ZIP files.

These ZIP files contain viruses and other malware such as the dreadful CryptoLocker ransomware and numerous variants (see information here) and should not be opened under any circumstances.

The emails that include them should be deleted.

Other emails supposedly from PiXCL refer to “Environmental company looking for partners worldwide.” and variations on this theme. A Google search on the response email URL indicates this is a money laundering scam for the unsuspecting and can result in serious criminal liability. These emails should be deleted as well.

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