Decaf boards with Phidgets sensors

Last Update: May 23, 2023 @ 18:30

Digital outputs turn the yellow LEDs on and off, the push buttons generate events that display the state of the digital input, and the four analog inputs using Phidget sensors can be queried. The Decaf-1 board is a USB HID device with programmable graphics. Decaf boards work with Windows (Mac, Ubuntu Linux and Android 4.4 and later devices, Q2 2020), and use standard operating system device drivers.


Here’s the full test setup, with a (superceded) Decaf-2 (480×272 display), all run by a single PiXCL app on a Windows host.  The Phidget 1125 Temp/Humidity inputs are checked regularly and the second screen updated. The Phidget 1142 Light sensor could be read, and the second display screen updated to reflect the actual weather conditions according to the temperature, humidity and time of day.

See a video of the test rig running.

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