Decaf IOC-280Z-4 LCD + I/O

Last Update: May 28, 2023 @ 18:39

Preliminary Information subject to change. Because of the pandemic and supply chain issues, release could be late 2023.

Product Description

The Decaf IOC-280Z-4 package consists of a 2.8″ 320×240 colour LCD, the 168MHz Cortex-M4 mpu board with digital and analog I/O as follows:

Digital Inputs (8) are used to sense the state of binary devices such as push buttons, limit switches, relays and logic levels. Inputs are active L.

Digital Outputs (8) can be used to drive low current LEDs (e.g. indicators), solid state relays and anything that accepts a 0-3V3 CMOS signal. Outputs are active H.

Control Outputs (2) are active L and are intended for external hardware chip select signals.

Analog Inputs (4) are used to measure 0-3.3Vdc continuous signals generated by sensors such as temperature, humidity, gas pressure, light level or position.

16MB EEPROM storage for screen shots and icons, supported in firmware.

All Decaf boards include a battery-backed Real Time Clock that can be set and queried by your apps.

Headers are provided and are usually soldered on to the back of the main circuit board. We are working on an interface board with the same connectors used on the other IOC LCD boards.

If your project requires additional I/O capabilities, consider adding a Decaf IOC-2xe.

A project installation can include multiple LCD devices if desired: each installed Decaf board LCD can be uniquely addressed with the same PiXCL command. For example, you could use a Decaf IOC-280Z-4 for user interaction (text and buttons) and a Decaf IOC-370 to display a dynamically updated graphic of the process being monitored.

Product Package

  • fully assembled and tested mpu and I/O board with latest USB device firmware.
  • USB cable.
  • Virtual COM port usb cable (Red/Green/White/Black = 5V/GND/Tx/Rx)

Product Resources

Product Option

  • 8 way switch debouncer module that plugs directly into the digital input connector. This allows switches, relays and similar mechanical contacts to connected without any additional hardware components.


Analog Inputs        Digital Inputs        Digital Outputs

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