Decaf IOC-430TK-WF

Last Update: May 24, 2023 @ 15:03

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Are you building an Internet of Things (IoT) networked sensor and control device connected using WiFi? Is an LCD required to display local information and provide a user interface? The Decaf IOC-430TK provides this capability, with an 800×480 LCD with capacitive touch, and user configurable WiFi.

The IOC-430TK-WF 240MHz processor board. WiFi module is top left.
The 800×480 LCD with a simulated screen.

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The IOC-430TK has a 240MHz ARM Cortex-M4 with FPU, 16MB Flash and 8MB SDRAM. It runs FreeRTOS which controls the LCD and all local I/O operations.

The board supports two Analog inputs (0-3V3), up to eight digital I/O for sensors and controls. Additional sensors and controls can be connected to two available SPI ports.

WiFi is implemented in an attached ESP8266-12F module that presents as a network server on your LAN, with MQTT (a.k.a. “mosquito”) secure data/control communications built-in. When necessary, the IOC-430TK processes exchange data with the ESP8266 processes. Examples are network requests for an analog value or digital input state, and commands to update the LCD user interface. The ESP8266 is shipped with the default server and MQTT firmware. This firmware can be upgraded in the field if necessary.

The ESP8266 includes a module unique MAC. A default IPv4 address is provided, and can also be set by the user as needed, via USB. This means that multiple IOC-430TK boards can be present in a single LAN.

The board USB port appears to a host operating system as an HID device. HID is used as for sensor and control I/O, graphics and setting of network and MQTT parameters into Flash.

The IOC-430TK can run with a local PC directly controlling the operation via the USB port. This mode is used to perform the initial configuration of the board, load user interface images, and also configure the network connection as needed. Like all Decaf boards, it is supported by the PiXCL ISC app development toolkit. Board configuration utilities are mostly written using PiXCL, with source provided.

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Product Package

  • fully assembled and tested mpu, LCD and I/O board
  • external 5V power supply
  • USB cable

Product Resources

  • PiXCL ISC development kit and app builder
  • Firmware upgrades and network configuration utilities
  • PiXCL Decaf SDK

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