Decaf IOC-M-2 Control Module

Last Update: May 24, 2023 @ 17:36

This USB control module handles multiple digital inputs (switches and device binary states), digital outputs (binary controls and status LEDs) and analog inputs All controls and sensors are handled at the app level.

The IOC-M-2 module is 54x23mm and is intended to be soldered on to or plugged into another circuit board (2×20 0.10″ x 0.60″ pitch) that implements the sensors, controls and relevent connectors.

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Decaf IOC-M-2 package includes

  • the 72 MHz Cortex-M3 controller board with firmware already installed, plus USB cable.
  • Virtual COM port usb cable (Red/Green/White/Black = 5V/GND/Tx/Rx)
  • PiXCL 20 for app creation (Windows 10), via download.

The controller board firmware provides your prototype board with support for:

  • 8 digital outputs (active H) i.e. equivalent to turning a switch ON.
  • 2 digital control outputs (active L) i.e. for devices with CS (ChipSelect) L requirements.
  • 8 digital inputs (active H) i.e. when a switch or equivalent is ON.
  • 2 analog inputs (0-3v3) for your sensors.
  • SPI devices with NSS and external CS pins. This allows multiple SPI devices to part of your project.
  • COM port output (virtual COM port cable included)
  • Real Time Clock (RTC) e.g. for time stamping data events. An external VBAT (3v3 such as a button battery) can be supplied to keep the RTC running if needed.
 These controls are usually enough to get a simple sensor set running. Sensors can be powered by 5V or 3V3, while the micro-controller runs on 3V3, derived on-board from the USB 5V supply.
Here’s an example of what you can do.
User pcb mockup with the IOC-M, digital I/O connectors, analog inputs.
User pcb mockup with the IOC-M-2, digital I/O connectors, analog inputs and an RGB LED. SPI and USART connection are on the double row header.

There’s an application  note on adding an SPI based 160×128 LCD to the IOC-M-2.

How about a real development board for the IOC-M-2?

An optional circuit board with the standard Decaf digital I/O and analog input connectors is available to get your project started. The IOC-M-2 plugs into the two 20 pin headers.

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  • fully assembled and tested cpu and I/O board
  • USB cable

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  • PiXCL 20 ISC development kit and app builder
  • Firmware upgrades and DFU loader utilities
  • PiXCL Decaf SDK
  • Optional development circuit board.

Custom sensor development service is offered. This can be as simple or as complex as

  • designing a full custom sensor pcb
  • arranging manufacture.
  • updating the firmware to add sensor specific support

Contact me today with your requirements, and I’ll see what we can do. Rates are affordable.


Analog Inputs        Digital Inputs        Digital Outputs

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