Decaf SDK

Last Update: May 3, 2019 @ 09:50 : Information subject to change.

Target Audience: Experienced application developers with C/C++/C# knowledge.

Windows 10 apps for any combination of Decaf boards can created using PiXCL 19 ISC. Decaf device support is built into one of the PiXCL DLLs that exports the necessary functions, enabling other languages (C/C++/C#) to be used to build applications as well.

The Decaf SDK is in development and documents all the function calls, plus provides the necessary .H include and .LIB files needed to build custom applications.

Development and testing for linux targets is also progressing using Raspbian (RaspberryPi  and Zero-W), Debian 9 (Pine A64) and Ubuntu 18.04 (Intel) hosts.

Decaf board HID commands (currently around 100) are fully documented and available to developers.

The expected formal release date of the SDK is Q1 2019. If you would like to be involved in the final development, do please join our Developer Program.