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Last Update: May 24, 2023 @ 17:05

This page contains links to the PiXCL Technical Support pages which include downloads. A UserID and Password are required and are issued at product purchase.

When necessary, free Skype video chat is used to solve installation issues. This has proved to be much appreciated by customers.

PiXCL 10 Support

PiXCL ISC Support

Endoscope Support

Please note that all release software is built under Windows 10 or 11 and offer limited support only for Windows 8 and 7. No support for operating systems no longer maintained by Microsoft, including Vista and XP is offered.

Users have reported that software (including drivers) installs and works under Windows 11. I have Windows 11 here and have not found any issues. Some small PiXCL and endoscope app adjustments (cosmetic and .CHM help files) are in process.

Libraries and support apps and utilities for Ubuntu, Raspbian and Debian variants of linux is under consideration.

Geothermal Support

Here’s what people have said about my Technical support

  • It’s nice to email a site and get someone with a brain. Much
  • “Simply the best and most comprehensive support I’ve ever had.”
  • “I was most impressed with the speed and friendliness with
    which you responded to my request for assistance, esspecially
    since it was over a weekend. Thank you so much.”

TKM32F499 Support

Contact me to arrange a UserID / Password pair that provides access to hardware and firmware developer-level technical information, images and sample code.

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