Displaying Components from an RGB image

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Displaying Components from an RGB image

Post by StewD » Mon Sep 12, 2016 2:03 pm

On Linkedin Image Processing Group, Rakesh Singh (Assistant Professor at Punjabi University) posed this question, so this morning I ran up a test app to do it. The (simplified ) code does the following:
  • * DrawBitmap (x,y, BaseImage$) // RGB24
    * DuplicateImage // set of three, still RGB24
    * TuneImage // set unwanted channels to 0
    * DrawBitmap(x1,y1, RedImage$)
    * DrawBitmap(x2,y2, GreenImage$)
    * DrawBitmap(x3,y3, Bluemage$)
The test app produces the window below.

Contact us to get the sample app code.

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