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Welcome to the PiXCL 20 Forum

Post by admin » Mon Jan 13, 2020 10:23 am

PiXCL 20 Imaging Sensor Control Suite, or ICS, requires Windows 10. Now with over 980 commands and operators, it's a major update from PiXCL 10 AIS Community Edition. There's around 200 new commands that provide
  • support for any recent webcam or USB camera to display video streams and capture still frames and video sequences.
  • 2D raw image import/decode from Nikon .NEF, Canon .CR2, Sony .ARW, Olympus .ORF and any .GIF image, exportable in all the commonly used images formats.
  • QR code image creation and decoding (text content only)
  • Cryptography command set
  • 2D array support (string, integer32, float, integer64 and double)
  • 1D and 2D support in the Extension Command API
  • MQTT extension library support for networked IoT
  • more modern user interface options and much more.
The major update is complete command support for the USB Decaf LCD and IO Controller boards. This allows a PiXCL app to connect to any number of USB Decaf boards that provide control output and sensor (digital and analog) inputs. Decaf LCD boards and have control and sensor I/O, and can display local display of a user interface.

We have big plans for PiXCL 20 and the Decaf board series, and developing interesting and useful new sensors. For example ...
  • We have Decaf LCD boards in development running FreeRTOS, with PiXCLe, a subset of PiXCL. These boards are still USB HIDs and will be 100% compatible with the "plain" USB boards, which can be upgraded if desired.
  • Decaf IOC Sensor / Control Platforms provide the more technical user/maker with a fully functional USB device with a sensor breadboard area, and full HID command support.
  • Bigger high-definition LCDs with more powerful controller MPUs (Cortex-M4, Cortex-M7).
  • Formal documented Decaf series support for Android and Linux hosts, including the RaspberryPi.
Look around the forum and ask questions. PiXCL staff monitor all the forums and are experts in the technologies: we are here to help.
Stewart (Admin) @ pixcl

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