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Questions on installation, device drivers and video application.
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Welcome to the Endoscopes forum

Post by admin » Wed Jul 08, 2015 2:45 pm

In this forum, you'll find questions and answers on the PiXCL Endoscopes, all of which are still supported.

Please note...
  • While the Endoscope-1 and Endoscope-2 are now superceded by the Endoscope-3, driver packages for Windows 7/8/10 are still available. ARM-based Surface tablets are not supported.
  • the Endoscope-3 uses the generic Windows UVC driver, and hence can be installed on any PC.
Driver package and app downloads are provided on the PiXCL Support Pages http://pixcl.com/endoscope/index.htm. A userID/Password is required for access.
Stewart (Admin) @ pixcl

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