Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) with Driver Update

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Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) with Driver Update

Post by admin » Mon Apr 24, 2017 9:20 am

There are several issues with external USB device compatibility that unfortunately affect some low end laptops running the Intel Atom and Celeron multi-core cpus, and using the Endoscope-1 and Endoscope-2. We do not have a list of affected brands.

Failure Symptom:

The driver installs correctly, and the Endoscope app streams video from the laptop webcam. When the endoscope is selected as the video source, the app either crashes, or worse, crashes Windows with a BSOD.

Possible Causes:

1. the BIOS does not support USB cameras, but does support memory sticks.
Sometimes there is a BIOS setting that has to be adjusted. There may be a BIOS upgrade from the manufacturer that is required for Windows 10.

2. the Intel-supplied multi-core firmware (down in the depths of the Windows kernel) does not switch properly between core processes. This was a problem with some Atom cpus several years ago, and some Celerons had problems too.

3. Windows helpfully (right ... ) turns off external USB devices to conserve power. This can sometimes be fixed using the Power Settings to set max performance (and power drain) for all devices.

How to identify if your laptop has this problem:

To test the BIOS/Intel firmware hypothesis, find another external webcam
(e.g. Intel, Microsoft, Logitech and similar) and install it.

If selecting the new camera with endoscope.exe causes a BSOD, then the problem is an issue for the laptop manufacturer (OEM). In most cases in our experience, the OEM won't (or can't) do anything, esspecially if this is not a current model.


The only "fix" is to try a laptop from a different OEM. It is irritating certainly, but it's the nature of the PC business.

Please be aware that there's nothing we can do at the app or driver level to fix issues in the lowest levels of the Windows kernel.
Stewart (Admin) @ pixcl

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