PiXCL products and Google Pixel phones

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PiXCL products and Google Pixel phones

Post by admin » Sat Oct 15, 2016 9:56 am

In mid-2016, Google released its Pixel phone products. We've received a small number of queries / comments about the similarity of the names

i.e. PiXCL vs. Pixel

For the record, and to end all further discussion, PiXCL Automation Technologies Inc. has no commercial association with Google (though that would be nice...) of any kind. Our company URL, https://www.pixcl.com was registered and has been owned by us since 2005. Further, the name PiXCL has been owned by management and used in commercial software since 1994.

Lastly, PiXCL products with LCDs are not smart phones or Android tablets: they are USB building block devices intended for integration into other equipment.

Thanks for reading this.
Stewart (Admin) @ pixcl

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