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Welcome to the PiXCL 10 Forum.

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This is the PiXCL 10 Community Edition (i.e. free version) of the PiXCL app development package for Windows 7 and later. To obtain a copy of PiXCL 10, follow the link to register, and a userID/Password will be provided.

What sort of apps can you create with PiXCL 10? The PiXCL 10 language syntax has over 800 commands and operators, and there's built-in support to acquire images from TWAIN scanners. Comprehensive 2D image processing capabilities, plus a wide selection of graphics drawing provides you with the tools to create visually appealing and useful applications.

How is PiXCL 11 different?
PiXCL 11 is included with all Decaf boards and adds command support for them, plus more 2D image processing. Video and still frame capture for all modern webcams is provided. As of July 2015, PiXCL 11 has around 120 more commands that support modern imaging, video and USB devices.
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