Learn PiXCL during the Coronavirus Lockdown(s)

Last Update: Dec 8, 2020 @ 09:03 On-going information, subject to change.

Good news is that effective COVID-19 vaccines have passed third stage testing, and FDA / Health Canada approvals are imminent. Also, flu diagnoses are down at least 90% (compared to the same period last year) in our region, because of mask usage, hand washing and social distancing.

Even with that, many of us will continue to work from home offices for at least another three months..

Some re-opening has happened, but we citizens are again REQUIRED under the Quarantine Act to stay at home as much as possible, and to use masks when entering businesses and schools. We all hope it will be of short duration, but worst case it won’t be. So what to do to fill in the days, aside from binge watching Netflix?

Here’s 40 possibilities that are sensible and doable. Thanks to the ClearerThinking bloggers for the suggestions and the cartoon image.

So … since you are reading this, we assume you are a techie of some sort. Would learning a new language be an interesting option for you?

For the social distancing duration we are offering PiXCL 20 ISC completely free, with no strings of any kind attached, and certainly no requests for credit cards. PiXCL 20 ISC needs Windows 10 on a desktop, laptop or tablet.

The PiXCL 20 interpreted language is largely self-documenting and has over 1000 keywords and functions, see the details here. A Windows app source code is created in the PiXCL Code Studio, and can include the usual menus and toolbars, comprehensive graphics and a wide range of image import and processing functions. You can stream video from webcams and capture frames. There’s QR image encode and decode functions, 1D and 2D arrays, some network and MQTT (a.k.a. mosquito IoT) libraries. The language docs comes with a context sensitive help file.

Here at PiXCL we are all working from home offices, and Tech Support is handled in our User Forum. We are here to help and we’d like to know what you think of the language.

How do you get a copy?

Send us a request from the Contact page, and we’ll set you up with a UserID and Password.

Since you are here, do please have a look around the rest of our site. We have USB Sensor / Control devices mostly with LCDs. There’s application notes on our experience using STM32CubeMX. We are actively working to provide IoT sensor / control connectivity between Windows, linux and esspecially RaspberryPi boards using MQTT.

These products may be of interest.

Decaf IOC-2xe  Decaf IOC-M-2  Decaf IOC-235  Decaf IOC-280Z-4   Decaf IOC-350   Decaf IOC-370