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We offer complete ready-to-run imaging applications that include USB cameras. All supplied hardware is fully supported and the software is written and maintained in Canada.

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USB Endoscope-2 Imager

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Just want the software for your USB SnakeScope or Super Snake Scope obtained elsewhere?

Can't install the driver from the CD that came with your camera?

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Using the Endoscope to inspect pistons inside a cylinder.

The ability to look around and inside your engine, transmission, under the dash and other hard to reach places can be critical to evaluating a problem and deciding the appropriate course of action before you have to remove too many components.

Designed for the automotive enthusiast and professional mechanic or technician, the self-illuminating Endoscope Imager is way more than just a simple video display window and pen camera.

The Endoscope software can be learned in minutes, and simply clicking the button on the endoscope handle starts the video display window automatically. You can set up your own video overlay files with your workshop's name, phone number, website, or any other relevent information.

For example, when inspecting timing belts or turbochargers still on the car it can be hard to obtain a decent image. The video parameters can be adjusted for brightness and contrast, and a video sequence and single frames can be saved, by simply clicking a button on the endoscope handle.

More importantly, a saved frame can be additionally processed to enhance the details, and displayed in a larger window with zoom and roam capability. This enables you to examine the full detail of the image and better diagnose the engine or mechanical problem.

The image can be annotated and saved to disk. If required, the image or video sequence can be emailed directly to the customer, or uploaded to a website.

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Endoscope-2 Hardware Specifications

  • VGA 640x480 CMOS colour sensor
  • LED illumination with brightness control
  • USB 2.0 interface.
  • Lens tip diameter 11.5mm

Software Specifications

  • Stand-alone image display and capture application.
  • Requires Windows Windows 7 or 8 (32 or 64 bit).
  • internet connectivity suggested but not required.
  • Includes a COMPLETE help file
  • Usable with any TWAIN-compatible software
  • Video application works with WebCams and most other USB cameras.

Warranty and Technical Support Pages (UserID and Password required)

6 months warranty on the hardware, handled in Canada. Software updates when necessary are available from this website.

Disclaimer: The Endoscope is not intended for, not warranted for and should not be used for medical, veterinary or mission critical applications of any kind.

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