PiXCL™ 10 Advanced Imaging Suite

Screen shot of a major sample application. Click to enlarge. If you want to build your own scanner or digital camera image processing and advanced analysis applications quickly and efficiently, then this is the development language suite for you.

Far more than just a single program ... PiXCL provides you with the means to adapt and modify your applications as your imaging needs change.

Please note that PiXCL 10 requires or later.

Last update: 04 Jan 2021.

What's the future of programming? Jump to the very near future, where EVERYONE needs to be able to control the devices they use, and they don't have to be software geeks!

Read this article. (dates from 2013, so it may take a while to load. Was still working in Dec 2020)

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What is PiXCL™ 10?

PiXCL 10 is the latest community version (see the development history here ) of a complete suite of scanner and digital camera image acquisition and advanced image processing APPLICATION development tools, designed for the imaging professional or power user like you. Based on a high level interpreted language, or built as an EXE with the included compiler, PiXCL requires that you like or at least tolerate programming.

While the PiXCL language syntax is easy to learn and largely self-documenting , most importantly, PiXCL hides most of the complexity of Windows allowing you to concentrate on

  • solving your imaging problem, not Windows internal issues;
  • saving your precious time.

Please note that PiXCL 10 is not a scanner or camera driver development toolkit: these drivers are provided by your hardware supplier and are installed with the equipment. Some suppliers also provide optional device control libraries for programmers, but these are unfortunately rare. Put another way, PiXCL requires that your scanner or camera be supported by your version of Windows.

All PiXCL 10 components are designed for Windows 7 or later.

What can you do with PiXCL™ 10?

Any recent scanner or digital camera that comes with a TWAIN, WIA or Direct Show compatible interface for Windows, or its own API, can be controlled from a PiXCL application. Imaging devices can be selected, images acquired, modified, saved to 15 of the most commonly used image formats, statistically and morphologically analysed, and results passed directly to a spreadsheet or database e.g. MS-Excel or MS-Access. More information and screen shots

How long does it take to learn PiXCL™ 10?

Like any powerful software package, and especially a programming language, becoming proficient takes about three weeks if you spend 1 to 2 hours per day. There's plenty of sample code to get you started, a code Wizard to create application skeletons for you, and of course you can always email for tech support. Most people have their first simple scanner or digicam applications running in a couple of hours.

To put that into perspective ... if you have any knowledge of Windows programming in C, C++, VB.NET or C#.NET, you'll know you can't achieve the same results unless you are a code guru, AND you have all the image processing and device access DLLs available.

For example, a basic but usable application that selects a TWAIN device, scans an image, and displays that image in a scrollable window can be created in about 30 seconds using the PiXCL Code Wizard. More information ...

What's included in PiXCL™ 10?

  • PiXCL language interpreter with over 800 commands and operations, which is used to test your application code as you develop it. For the purists, PiXCL is a strongly typed language with String, Integer, Integer64, Float and Double variable and 1D array data types, with the type implicit in the variable name. Memory is assigned only when a variable is first used, and in most cases, PiXCL takes care of memory deallocation ( a.k.a. "garbage collection") automatically. The main exceptions are images in the PIXCL internal image list. All bitmaps that a PiXCL application loads or display are intentionally stored in the process memory, until either the programmer tells the app to release it, or the application exits. Note that all the image processing functions are fast compiled code in DLLs.

    See the skeleton application source code.

  • PiXCL™ compiler that takes the PiXCL application source code and produces a standalone EXE once your development is complete.

  • PiXCL™ Code Studio with context sensitive help and toolbar links to the interpreter and compiler You can simply configure it from a Property Sheet to access other software tools. PiXCL utilities can be easily integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio if desired. More information...

  • PiXCL™ debugger DLL that links into specific PIXCL commands to enable debugging and to set breakpoints. The DLL displays the application source, the currently loaded image names, and all defined variables by name and value. More information...

  • The PiXCL™ Advanced Imaging Libraries C/C++ SDK's for image file format handling and all the standard image processing point and geometric functions, including geometric correction (affine) transformations, scanner and digital camera (TWAIN and WIA devices) access. Advanced image analysis functions include multi-spectral signature creation, maximum likelihood classification and principal components generation, plus morphological operations, blob identification and measurement. More information ...

  • The PiXCL Extension Command SDK for C/C++ programmers who want to add command support for additional libraries and third-party devices that have available SDK's. The SDK includes a Visual Studio project source. More information ...

What does PiXCL™ 10 cost?

PiXCL 10 is completely free as soon as you register as a user. PiXCL 20 is the affordable commercial version.

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