Supported Digital Cameras and Related Devices

Any consumer-grade camera device ( USB or Firewire ) that comes with its own TWAIN, StillImage or WIA driver is directly supported by PiXCL 10 commands. With a few simple commands you can view a video stream or snap a single frame and apply image processing commands, then save it to disk.

Industrial-Grade Firewire and USB cameras

For PiXCL Developer users  we have available extension command, FWCam* command support and Automation Server libraries, including source code for industrial IEEE-1394 Firewire and USB cameras from ...

Q-Imaging: all QICAM, Retiga, Retiga 2000/4000 and USB GO-series (including the Olympus Firewire GO variant) models are supported.

DVC: 1312 (obsolete) and 1412 models are supported. Other models can be supported if required.

PtGray: Flea/2 and Grasshopper models are supported, as these are the one we've used. Other models can be supported with simple updates to the DLL code, which is supplied.

All camera SDK's are copyright the OEM and all OEM licencing requirements remain in force. You are required to obtain (usually by purchase of a camera and license) the SDK from the relevent OEM.

The extension command libraries also include support for the PiXCL 10 FW* command set.

Contact us if you require the industrial camera libraries.

Industrial Links of Interest :

Embedded Vision Alliance   

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