PiXCL Sample Code and User Applications

As installed, PiXCL includes several directories of sample application source code. These files have the extension .PXL and are simple ASCII text.

In directory "PiXCL\Learning" ...

This is the default directory on installation and contains a set of PXL file that when run show the core capability of the PiXCL language.

In directory "PiXCL\Samples"...

This is the largest directory, and contains a wide variety of short application PXL source codes that demonstrate certain types of activities, for example, File actions, Registry access, draw functions, basic image display and processing, TWAIN device access, and using automation (COM) servers.

In directory "PiXCL\Images"...

There a number of images used for the sample applications, and some PXL files related to image handling specifically.

In directory "PiXCL\Advanced Image Processing"...

Here you'll find some more images, plus PXL files that demonstrate the advanced image processing functions. There are also other text files the are created or used as input to the advanced functions.

PiXCL Users are encouraged to submit additional sample applications for inclusion in the sample code base made available to all users. The following rules apply to all submissions:

  1. They must be in PXL format only, and include all relevent images such as button icons.
  2. The coding style must conform as close as possible to the existing sample code format for use of Capital letters and indentation.
  3. Ownership and copyright is given up, and the application source becomes in the public domain.
  4. No badly behaved, inappropriate or attempted destructive actions will be accepted, and may result in the user's account being shut down.

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