Source Code for PiXCL 10 is available

09 June 2016: Portions of the PiXCL 10 source are available and offers of help to improve the software and particularly extend the image processing libraries are welcome.

Our aim of making PiXCL 10 source partiallty available is to stimulate a wider use of the PiXCL language amongst end user developers and to extend its usability and functionality.

For those persons who want to see the internals of PiXCL for the purposes of collaboration, the following C/C++ code bases available.

If collaboration and access to the source code is of interest to you, please contact us directly .

Please note that all copyright to the code and documentation is always retained by PiXCL Automation Technologies Inc. The following terms in summary apply

How easy is it to add new commands to PiXCL?

Here's some code documentation pages that should answer that.

Adding New Commands    The Command Argument Buffer    PiXCL Extension Command API   User Contributed Code  

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