PiXCL Core Image Processing Functions

All versions of PiXCL support the following 8 and 24 bit per pixel image file formats for read and write, unless otherwise specified.

September 2012:

For PiXCL 11, the new WICDecodeRawImage command can decode images from the following cameras.

PiXCL include several DLLs that provides the following image processing functions, listed alphabetically below.

PiXCL Advanced Image Processing Functions

This set of extension DLLs provide functions and commands for performing

PiXCL Extension Commands using the Intel Image Processing Library

The set of iip* commands provide extension command support for the Intel Image Processing Library v2.0, implemented in file PXLIntelIP.dll. This DLL will normally be installed in your Windows directory. The currently implemented commands for Intel functions are listed below.

PiXCL 10 is completely free as soon as you register as a user. PiXCL 11 requires purchase.

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