PiXCL 10 Advanced Imaging Suite

Last Update: Feb 3, 2020 @ 09:12


PiXCL 10 Advanced Imaging Suite is the free community version of the PiXCL language. Support and development continues, and user suggestions for improvements are always welcome.

PiXCL 10 AIS ( see the development history here ) is a complete suite of scanner and digital camera / webcam image acquisition and advanced image processing APPLICATION development tools, designed for the imaging professional or power user like you.

Based on an easy-to-learn high level interpreted language, or built as an EXE with the included compiler, PiXCL requires that you enjoy or at least like programming. PiXCL 10 has over 800 commands and operators, and is not restricted or disabled in any way. Please note that all Decaf board support and lots more requires PiXCL 20 ISC.

Register now to get a copy of PiXCL 10 and start building your apps.

We encourage you to join the PiXCL 10 User forum where you can get answers to questions and and discuss app ideas with other users.

Read the latest 9MB PiXCL help file to review the capabilities of PiXCL and the Decaf commands. Please note that for security reasons, Windows blocks downloaded CHM content display: you will need to use File Explorer–>Properties to unblock it.

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Commercial Version : PiXCL 20 ISC