PiXCL Developer Program

Last Update: Jan 2, 2022 @ 10:05
Building new products and bringing them to market is both challenging and exciting, but we can’t do it without the assistance of project collaborators.

Who is the target audience?

There are several groups, all who must want to be part of building some worthwhile technology:

  1. Experienced technologists with programming experience in C/C++/C#.
  2. People with an idea that requires sensors, controls and display.
  3. Students and faculty in Engineering, Computer Science and Physical Sciences.

What are the benefits to you as a Developer?

  • Preferential pricing on pre-production boards if you want one. If you are in Ottawa, Canada, we have some fully functional older boards with LCDs, Ethernet PHYs + current v20 firmware, and a box of IOC-M-2 modules that are usable.
  • Access to the Developer Support Pages for downloads and updates.
  • Comprehensive technical support, including Skype video chat access.

What does a Developer have to do?

We expect collaborators to:

  • learn how to use the PiXCL 20 ISC language.
  • experiment with the Decaf SDK as it evolves.
  • provide us with sample code e.g.
    • PiXCL apps that use a Decaf board and sensors.
    • C# apps, utilities or assemblies.
  • join the PiXCL User Forum and be an active member.
  • report in a timely fashion all bugs so we can fix them.
  • make suggestions for improvements. We can’t guarantee these will happen, but we absolutely will review them.

… and most importantly, actively promote PiXCL on your social media circle.

What are the benefits for us?

  • Product and technology visibility in social media.
  • Constructive comments on the products.
  • New functionality requests.
  • Suggestions for interesting sensors.
  • Sample PiXCL app code.
  • Beta testing of RaspberryPi and Android support libraries.
  • and of course, bug reports (hopefully a rare occurrence).

Great, how do I sign up as a Developer?

Contact us  using PLAIN TEXT with a bit of info about yourself e.g. coding experience, academic affiliation if relevent, the sort of project you are seeking to create, other projects in which you participate. All who respond will receive the courtesy of a personal reply.

We ask this sort of information to gauge if PiXCL is ideal for your project.  If it’s not, we will offer more appropriate alternatives for you to consider.

Please note that for the moment we have to limit Developer Program collaborators to Canada / USA.

Other helpful actions you can do …

Follow us on Facebook and other social media, and tell your friends about us.

Join the PiXCL User Forum to help build a community and post questions and comments there. We check this regularly.