USB Video Endoscopes

Last Update: May 3, 2019 @ 12:35

Endoscope-3 High Resolution

Feb 2017: Discontinued hardware product. Software support remains available.

usingEndoscope3For the professional or technical user who needs higher resolution to see the finer details, the Endoscope-3 has a 12.0mm camera head with a 1280×1024 sensor.
Video formats : 1280×1024 and 640×480 colour. Single user button for snapshot capture.

The Endoscope software can be learned in minutes, and simply clicking the button on the endoscope handle starts the video display window automatically. You can set up your own video overlay files with your business name, phone number, website, or any other relevent information.

For example, when inspecting timing belts or turbochargers still on the car it can be hard to obtain a decent image. The video parameters can be adjusted for brightness and contrast, and a video sequence and single frames can be saved, by simply clicking a button on the endoscope handle.

More importantly, a saved frame can be additionally processed to enhance the details, and displayed in a larger window with zoom and roam capability. This enables you to examine the full detail of the image and better diagnose the engine or mechanical problem.

The image can be annotated and saved to disk. If required, the image or video sequence can be emailed directly to the customer, or uploaded to a website.

Endoscope Technical Support pages  and Forums

Endoscope-2 and Endoscope-1

April 2019: End-of-life hardware models, software still supported, including Windows 10/8/7 driver package. Both have a 640×480 sensor.


Endoscope #2: Perfect for the professional automotive technician and performance enthusiast who works on his own vehicles. The Endoscope-2 has a 11.2mm camera head that fits down the 1/2″ (12.7mm) spark plug hole.


Endoscope #1: Suitable for general trade operations such as HVAC and Electrical installation and service, manufacturing, circuit board inspection or laboratory work. The camera head diameter is 14mm.

Video format : 640×480 colour with user customisable overlay. Larger video formats can be selected. Button for video start and snapshot capture.

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Using Endoscopes on the Mac

Disclaimer: PiXCL Endoscopes are not intended for, not warranted for and should not be used for medical, veterinary or mission critical applications of any kind.