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USB Snake Scope and Super Snake Scope OEM Drivers

PixArt PAC7302 and PixArt PAP7501 / GUCI_AVS Driver

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USB\VID_093A\PID_2900 Driver


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headbang  If you have arrived on this page, you are looking for the original (OEM) drivers for your Endoscope camera.

Perhaps you lost the miniCD that came with the camera, maybe the CD would not load on your PC, or your PC crashes when the camera is selected.

USB Snake Scope OEM Drivers

While searching for the driver, you likely found a series of websites that claim to have the driver, but require you to download and install a “Driver Updater” or “Driver Informer” or “Drivers for Free” software that watches what happens in your system, or “Install IQ” that supposedly “helps” you to download something the site may or may not have. These softwares all claim to locate the drivers present in your system, send this information out to some site (most commonly in China), and claim to inform you when the site has a newer driver version available for download.

Let’s be absolutely clear on what this entails!  To get all the driver details from your PC, you are being asked to allow a piece of software of unknown origin COMPLETE, on-going and uncontrolled Administrator-level read and write access to your system directories and into the entire Registry. The problem is of course that you have no idea what else from your PC is being sent.

Some driver update sites claim free downloads, but then ask for credit card and bank information ( bank information? REALLY? ) to pay for the “helper” application. Most, perhaps all, of these sites have numerous and large download buttons for products (often of limited utility or just plain useless) you are not looking for. Some of them have no way to just get the driver without all the unwanted trash.

These sites intentionally use what are called Dark Patterns. See for a discussion of these dirty tricks and how to spot them.

I have the working PixArt PAC7302 and PAP7501 OEM drivers and installation instructions here, and are happy to provide them free of charge. I don’t require you to download and install any extra software, and I don’t ask you for a credit card. All you have to do is send me an email requesting the OEM driver package.

  Please note that these drivers do work with Windows 7-32 and may work with Windows 7-64. They do not install on any version of Windows 8 or later. We have updated and signed Windows 11/10/8/7 drivers included in our Endoscope Software Update.

If your endoscope has ONE button on the handle …


Request PAC7302 OEM Driver: [email] %20valid%20email%20address%20and%20your%20country%20of%20residence.%20You%20can%20expect%20a%20response%20within%201-2%20days,%20but%20usually%20sooner.[/email]

See information on our updated driver and video application.

If your endoscope has TWO buttons on the handle …


Request PAP7501 OEM Driver: [email] %20valid%20email%20address%20and%20your%20country%20of%20residence.%20You%20can%20expect%20a%20response%20within%201-2%20days,%20but%20usually%20sooner.[/email]

See information on my Endoscope products.

Please note that we provide these OEM drivers for free as a public service only. We do not provide technical support other than what is provided in the installation instructions. We do hope you will decide to purchase our updated driver package and new video display and capture software, and you will get full support when you do.


I ran into this when I tried to load the GUCI_AVS.SYS driver on an HP Pavilion laptop (AMD Athlon K2 64 cpu)  running Windows 7-32 bit. The 32 bit driver appeared to load correctly, Windows reported that it was working correctly, but as soon as the camera was selected Windows crashed. The driver worked perfectly on Intel based Windows 7-32 and -64 bit systems.

The cause appeared to be a subtle interaction between the 32 bit GUCI_AVI.SYS driver and how the Athlon 64 bit cpu runs in 32 bit mode. The HP Pavilion was originally shipped with Vista-64, so Windows 7-64 was reinstalled. The AMD64 OEM driver version of GUCI_AVS.SYS loaded correctly and the camera was initially fully functional.

After some additional testing, the BAD_POOL_HEADER crash reoccurred, and we eventually tracked down the real cause.

The GUCI_AVS installer includes and requires a second driver, PAUVCFLT.SYS for both 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows. If this second driver is not installed, selecting the camera causes the crash.

If you have tried to install the driver multiple times, some manual intervention is required to fully clean up Windows before you try the install again.

  • In the Windows\inf directory, do a search with string OEM*.* containing GUCI_AVS. This will locate a set of OEM*.INF and OEM*.PNF files. Delete all these.
  • Using the Control Panel, uninstall any USB 2.0 Camera entries.
  • Try the OEM install again.

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