USB Snake Scope Software Update

USB Snake Scope, PixArt PAC7302 Software Update

USB Super Snake Scope, PixArt PAP7501 Software Update

USB\VID_093A\PID_2620 Driver

USB\VID_093A\PID_2900 Driver

Snake Scope Windows 10 Driver

Super Snake Scope Windows 10 Driver

Last Update: Feb 20, 2024 @ 09:39 End of tech support as of  15 December 2023.

USB Endoscope | Borescope Camera products based on the PixArt PAC7302 device looks like this:

Typical Endoscope kit

Typical Endoscope kit

and may have the name

USB Endoscope

Tube Snake Inspection Camera

These cameras have one button on the handle.

If your camera looks like this but has two buttons on the handle, the camera is based on the PixArt PAP7501 device. It might be called a Super Telescope Camera.

Please note that these drivers are for Intel and AMD architecture versions of Windows 11 / 10 / 8 / 7.

They are not compatible with Windows RT Tablet devices with the ARM cpu and will not install. 

Please also note that we are not the manufacturer of the endoscope hardware, which is sourced from Chinese vendors.


Perhaps you, as we did, found that while the driver installs and works for XP/Vista/Win7, the application software that comes with it is unimpressive, with irritations such as

  • The driver sometimes won’t install from the SnakeScope mini-CD.
  • No Help file for the driver or video capture application
  • No information on the TWAIN driver software.
  • Incomprehensible error messages when the camera is not connected or the wrong video or audio device is selected.
  • Menu items meaningful to a programmer but not the typical user.
  • The SnapShot Reader window does not close when the capture application closes.
  • The SnapShot Reader window content stops updating, with a re-install the only obvious way to get it working again.
  • Annoying security messages about Win.ini updating when running under Vista and Windows 7.
  • No software support from PixArt or the original supplier of the camera.
  • The OEM driver won’t load into Windows 11 or 10.

The updated software replaces and extends the AmCap video capture application that runs when you click the camera button. The PAC7302 / PAP7501 USB drivers have a new installer that works correctly.

Looking for the original driver for a PAC7302 or PAP7501 ?

How to tell if this software will work for your USB Snake Scope or Super Snake Scope camera.

The simplest way is to run the application capture program. If the Status bar shows “Telescope Driver” or “GUCI_AVS” then the software update will likely work for you.

Look for a C:\Windows\PixArt\PAC7302 or C:\Windows\PixArt\PAP7501 directory

You can also run the Device Manager with the camera attached.

The camera appears in the Imaging Devices class, and is called Telescope Driver, as shown above. The Super Snake Scope appears as something like GUCI_AVS or USB2.0.


What do you get in the software update?

  • A new installer that runs under Windows 11/10/8/7
  • An updated and Signed Driver Package  that installs correctly with no error messages on all versions of Windows 11/10/8/7, excluding ARM-cpu / WinRT Surface tablet versions.
  • A new video capture application with understandable menus, error messages and custom video overlay image options not present in the original application.


This screenshot shows the video streaming app, and the Snapshot Reader app displays a captured frame.

Update November 2019, app package Version 19.1: 

Captured frames are now saved with a Time|Date stamp name, in PNG,  JPG or BMP format.

We have updated the Snapshot Reader to display up to eight individual  snapshots, and added image annotation tools: Titles, Region of interest labels, Circles, Arrows and Copyright boxes. The original SnapShot Reader has been tweaked a bit internally and remains available.

  • a COMPLETE Help file, including
    • details of all available menu and video parameter options.
    • how to create and install video overlay files (as shown above)
      that can be used to identify your business.
    • all the information you need capturing video frames for image
      editting software like Photoshop or PaintShopPro.
  • Captured video file selection and playback from the new capture application.
  • Email snapshots or video sequences directly from the new capture application.
  • A new Snapshot Reader app with a window that closes when the capture app closes.
  • NO annoying security messages when running.
  • Includes a signed driver package for Windows 11/10/8/7.

and most importantly

  • Full software support from the Canadian developer.
  • Here’s what customers have said about our Technical Support
    •  “It’s nice to email a site and get someone with a brain. Much appreciated.”
    • “Simply the best and most comprehensive support I’ve ever had.”
    • The software update went very well. It’s for a USB microscope that I bought in Japan, but it has the same camera as the endoscope, so needs the same drivers. As I’m using Windows 7, the drivers that came with the microscope didn’t work, but the PiXCL drivers were great.”
    • I was most impressed with the speed and friendliness with which you responded to my request for assistance, especially since it was over a weekend. Thank you so much.”
    • “…the installation ran smoothly and as advertised. Excellent. I now know that the positive reviews were well-deserved.”
    • “Being able to get face-to-face tech support with a free Skype video call was outstanding. Install problem solved.”
    • I followed your instructions to the letter and everything went very well, even though I have an old laptop still running XP. I am very happy with the quality of your upgrade after the original software failed after one use.”
    • I found your site to be the most open and honest of all and your comments about all of the sites requiring one to download a whole heap of spyware was spot on.”
    • On fixing bug on AMD-A8 cpu laptop:“… it runs.  It’s perfectly clear. No lines – no crashes.  Fantastic. Thanks for your overwhelming customer support. I can’t imagine how this would have gone if it had been a Microsoft product.”

We have many customers in all these countries.


How to get the software update

  • Purchase the software update for CAD$39 via PayPal.

Buy Now Button

  • Log into the support and download page with the userID and password emailed to you once the PayPal transaction is complete. Please note this email is not an automatic process and may take up to 1 business day. On this page you will also find the Snake Scope OEM installer and driver software.
  • Download the software update and run the installer as instructed in the Support Pages.
  • Reboot your PC and the update is ready.
  • Remember that email or free Skype video Technical Support is always available during business hours. If you are overseas, we ask you to arrange a mutually convenient time.

Do you want to create your own video and snapshot apps?

Everyone who purchase the software update is eligible for a free copy of the PiXCL 20 ISC toolkit, which was used to create the SnapShot Reader apps (above). Just send me an email, and we’ll arrange access to the relevent  Support Pages. SnapShot Reader app source code is available.

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