Using Decaf Input and Outputs

All Decaf boards use 72MHz ARM Cortex-M3 or 168MHz Cortex-M4 cpu chips that include digital input and outputs, and analog inputs. The chips run on 3.3V dc. While inputs are 5V tolerant, 3.3v logic or logic level converter chips are recommended. Click the links below for specifications and sample external device circuits.

Digital inputs  include limit switches, push buttons, relays and logic level outputs, and provide a Low (TRUE) or High (FALSE) detection. Inputs are active H, and the attached switch or logic takes the input to the LOW state.

Digital Outputs  include LEDs, external logic, MOSFETs and relays. Output level are Low (FALSE) or High (TRUE).

Analog Inputs  support 3.3V and 5V sensors, such as barometric pressure, gas pressure, specific gas levels, humidity, light level, potentiometers and Hall effect sensors.

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